I Was Denied Benefits! What Happens Next?

How do I Appeal?

You must request an appeal within 20 days of the date the notice of determination was mailed to you.


If you do not request an appeal, the Employment Department's decision becomes final and you will not get your benefits, even if the Employment Department was wrong in denying your benefits.


For more information:


Employment Department Appeals


Office of Administrative Hearings

Why Was I Denied?


There are a number of reasons the Employment Department might use to deny your benefits. 

Check out the list of reasons for denial of benefits.


Together we can resolve whether you were correctly denied for one of these reasons, or whether the Employment Department made a mistake. If we can prove they made a mistake, you can get your benefits back! 





What Should I Do?

1. Keep claiming your benefits, even if you've been denied. 


2. Schedule a consultation with me immediately if you think you have been wrongly denied benefits. 


The window of time for appeal is short. If you have requested an appeal, you may be scheduled for a hearing within 10 days. For me to help you, I need enough time to build your case. 


If you already have a hearing date set, CALL ME TODAY.