Unemployment Benefits:

Denial of benefits can be a devastating blow for individuals and their families. I can help you get your benefits back if they have been denied in error.


Wage and Hour Claims:

Have you been paid all the money you're owed by your employer? Believe it or not, employers frequently make mistakes in wage payment, and the law offers employees compensation when these mistakes are caught. 


Employment Contracts:

If you're negotiating a new contract or involved in a dispute over an existing contract, you could benefit from the expertise of an attorney to make sure your contract is legal, enforcable and works in your favor.



Tenant Representation

Whether you're having a dispute with your landlord, your apartment has habitability issues, or you've been served with an eviction notice, I can help you defend your rights. 



Eviction notices may have been served improperly, or there may be other defenses to an eviction. If you get a notice, an attorney can help protect you from having an eviction on your record. In this rental climate, having an eviction can be devastating.



By law, every square inch of your rental must be habitable. There is a long list of potential habitability violations, and the law provides for remedies and in some cases, damages.


Landlord Disputes:

When a landlord and tenant have a disagreement, the balance of power is usually on the landlord's side. An advocate such as an attorney can shift that balance back to the tenant.


No matter what type of contract you are negotiating or asked to sign, having an attorney involved can result in better outcomes. I can review employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, residential and commercial leases, and contracts related to the entertainment industry.